“White Crow” by Marcus Sedgwick

Marcus Sedgwick is such a dark YA author, and I love that he writes books which give young adults credit for being able to read fiction that is of such a high standard, without talking down to the reader. The fact that he has such a large following proves to me that although readers do enjoy some light escapism, that they will read a wide range of fiction, and that people who underestimate the value of a good story rather than a gimmick, don’t really understand their audience at all. Continue reading

Blazing Twilight, Steve Toltz and 10 books I intend to read soon…

So this post is primarily about the Melbourne Writers Festival, and the all too limited amount of time that I spent there. It did lead me to thinking about the books that sit forever unread on my bedside table, important enough to stay there, but not current enough to be a priority for work so I’ll wrap up with a list of what they are and why I think I need to read them at the end for anyone who cares. Continue reading


So for the part of this week that I haven’t been fighting off a particularly savage cold, I have been at the Melbourne Writers Festival and at Aussie Con 4. I will talk about these two things separately, because even as I divide them down the middle I know that there will still be far to much for me to really recap. Continue reading