Australian Women who Write

In response to a comment I received on an earlier post I’ve decided to write a blog post about Australian women who write. It has been an issue that has already stirred a lot of debate this year (see arguments surrounding the newly created Stella Prize and Meanjin’s Tournament of Books), but by request I wanted solely to focus on some books by Australian female authors that either are or have been on my reading list recently and I hope to one by one write a review for each of them to start shifting the imbalance in my own blog.

So, my reading list of titles by Australian Women is…

  • House of Sticks by Peggy Frew
  • Into the Woods by Anna Krien
  • Hollywood Ending by Kathy Charles
  • Dog Boy by Eva Hornung
  • The Tall Man by Chloe Hooper
  • Unpolished Gem by Alice Pung
  • The Book of Rachel by Leslie Cannold
  • The Half-Child by Angela Savage
  • Black Glass by Meg Mundell
  • Otherland by Maria Tumarkin
I’ve probably read about half of these, but I have just shifted blogs, and unfortunately my old blog was in a shocking state of disrepair so some are sans review, which I’ll try to fix and post in the coming weeks and will review the others upon completion.
For interested readers, you should also look for work by these female authors not mentioned above…
  • Kate Holden
  • Toni Jordan
  • Sophie Cunningham
  • Linda Jaivin
  • Kristin Tranter
I haven’t mentioned any YA authors in here, although there are many wonderful examples of female writers within that genre, because I generally blog about YA over at so am trying to keep this site more specific to general fiction. But please feel free to contact me there to talk YA!

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