I’ve missed you!

Happy new year to everyone!
Last year felt like a bit of a chore, there were quite a few challenges and by the end I felt totally exhausted. So I checked out for a while and didn’t touch my computer or do anything that could even remotely be considered work.
But I’ve got a good feeling about this year and I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging as well as a few more projects.
So I apologise for the lack of posts over christmas. I intended to read a stack of books during the break and post about them and I didn’t. But my refreshed brain is thankful for some downtime, and ready to get back to it now.
I’ll be back here soon, but if you’ve missed me in the meantime, I’ve written a review of the new John Green book over at http://www.athousandwords.com.au. Even if you don’t normally read YA fiction you should read this one. And by the time you’ve finished I’ll have something else for you here.