A blog without writing…

is no blog at all.

I remember when I first started thinking that writing could be a viable career choice, one of the first conversations I had with a friend was about when to call yourself a writer.

Since most of the writers I know have day jobs of some kind (even the ones who have enviable published actual books (!) ) it obviously isn’t when you do nothing but sit at home all day and write. Actually, this leads me to a small gripe I have with people who think generally that anyone working in the book industry (librarian, bookseller, writer, publisher etc) has a lovely cushy job where they just get to sit around and read, or playfully tap at the keyboard as genius sentences flow onto the screen and money lands in our lap. Sure we love our jobs, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t work really freaking hard at it as well.

ANYway, I started calling myself a writer when I started getting paid to write things. Like teachers notes, reviews and other bits and bobs that appear in magazines and such every now and then. But without realising it, I had put all of this pressure on myself by adding the label. By calling myself a writer, surely I needed to constantly prove it to everyone, to not rest on my laurels, but to keep writing, and more than that, to write bigger and better, to start writing for publications people knew and to get a book out there. It totally freaked me out. I would spend so much time making lists of what or where I should be writing that I didn’t actually get any writing done at all. In labelling myself a writer, I had essentially dried up the stream of words I wanted to write. And in doing that, I began to look at things like my blog with fear and apprehension, as though they were a constant reminder of all the work that wasn’t getting done.

So I’m sorry that this has been a blog without writing for a while. I’m trying this year to focus on as much creative work as reviewing, so bear with me if I do some experimental rambling from time to time. There will still be reviews and plenty of them, I just need to pace myself.

See you real soon!

One thought on “A blog without writing…

  1. A rant that I can totally relate to – and the very reason that I frown on labels as a rule.
    It took a long time for me to call myself a writer. Then when I left my job as staff writer for a newspaper, I stopped calling myself a writer because I no longer had a byline anywhere.
    My blogs encouraged me to start calling myself a writer again. And even though I’m not writing for a major publication, nor am I finished working on a novel, I claim the writer label because I’ve learned that writing is a process. Writers don’t wake up as writers overnight. It takes years of writing here, there, and everywhere to hone the craft. Hard work that I think we should bloody well get credit for. 🙂

    Happy writing fellow writer 🙂

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