Planes, Trains and Hotel Transfers

After what seems like days spent in queues – for the bathroom, for customs, for check in, for the hotel transfer, for boarding, for leaving I’ve finally landed in San Francisco!

This was my first ever extended flight (that’s right folks, I’ve never been overseas before) and apart from the obnoxious lady who stole my vego breakfast, and a cramp in my neck

that may never leave, it was a pretty good one.

Without having left the hotel yet (I’m about to shower and go exploring) San Fran has already made a strong impression. Our hotel (pictured left) is inspired by old Hollywood films, and has its own tiny theatrette where classic double features are screened nightly for the guests.

On the drive into San Fran, at first the city seems like it couldn’t be fuller with square buildings – houses and factories. There is even a note in great white lettering on the side of a hill proclaiming ‘San Francisco. The Industrial State’. But as Lorrie’s Hotel shuttle wove us further into the city towards our hotel the quirky life that throbs in this state becomes evident. Apartment buildings are painted bright and wild colours – bright green with purple shutters, reds and yellows. They’re the kind of apartments that I always dreamed I would live in during uni, because they just scream with life.Every window has plants spilling over the ledges and there’s a myriad of other hints as to the people packed into the apartments.

No Faber for the next fortnight (obviously) so I’ll be posting little thoughts about my first trip instead.

My favourite thing – San Francisco airport has a yoga room. I may never leave.

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