We’re the Kids in America!

So despite my best efforts (which included a week of going to bed at 8 like a nanna and sucking down fresh juices of garlic, ginger, lemons, carrot, beetroot and apples – nicer than it sounds) I have caught the cold that attacked Matt and everyone at work before I left. I’m dosing myself with vitamins, gargle and neurofen while Matt’s in the shower and then am going to go outside and forget the word ‘cold’ even exists.

Yesterday was full on – to make sure that jet lag didn’t/doesn’t haunt us for the whole trip, we powered through from the time that we got here until about midnight. That’s over 30 hours of awake time, which, for those of you who know me will know is about 15 more than I can normally cope with. It made the wake up call (that we hadn’t booked) at 6am this morning especially unwelcome. But like the troopers we are we both went back to sleep and then all of a sudden it was midday. Luckily everything is open later here so a late start seems perfectly acceptable.

San Fran at night is pretty different from San Fran during the day. The sounds change to people yelling, sirens and fire trucks almost within a matter of moments as the sun goes down. It’s a lot like when I lived in St Kilda actually. The attitude towards (the many) homeless people here is different too. I’m guessing that everyone has a familiar patch – we walked past one guy wearing a polar bear beanie sitting on the roadside, and people in the cars driving past called out and talked to him as they went by “hey spaceman! what’s the weather today?” When I bought new boots to replace the ones with holes in the bottom and soles hanging off the rest of the boot I asked the lady if she would mind throwing them away for me. She put them in a bag and instead told me to leave them on top of the trash can out the front of the store so that a homeless person could take them. There’s less fear between the two cultures here and less of the ‘if we don’t mention it it won’t exist’ attitude.

Around the corner from the hotel is a little theatre called the Exit Theatre. There’s a show on at the moment called ‘The Collection’, which is theatrical magic show that has a lot of suspense around it. We’re going to try to see that over the weekend and maybe some other shows. We spoke to the lady who runs the venue last night and she invited us to a big easter parade on Sunday in the Mission district where the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence put on an easter parade that sounds all sorts of wrong. Apparently highlights from previous years include jesus in a loincloth jumping on stage on a pogo stick. Awesome.

Yesterdays highlights include deliriously trying to count out American coins to an amused shop lady, being regaled with the wonders of Dead Sea salt by a shopping centre hawker and a cup of vego chilli at Lori’s Diner (pictured above). Today will be either Haight Ashbury – where I will try to make Matt pose with flowers in his hair in honour of Woodstock and The Mamas and the Papas or Valencia 826 and the worlds only pirate supply shop. Arr.

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