Would you like your fortune read?

There are so many street performers, buskers, beggars and others asking for money. This would be easier if I understood the money (there is as much chance of me giving someone a fifty as giving them a one).

On the way to the cable car this morning we got sold two different editions of the equivalent of the big issue by a very helpful man who also gave us tips on where to find free cheese tasting (Macy’s). Only moments later we came across a street musician propping up a sign saying ‘It is customary to tip street musicians. We are working for our money and are not bums sitting on our lazy backsides or trying to sell you fake news’. A few steps away from him was a one man band who had a QR code. Unfortunately my phone doesn’t have the ability to scan these, but I was impressed nonetheless. Behind him was a guy moonwalking and doing the robot at the same time. I was a little impressed and a little disturbed.

We caught the cable car down (and up and down and up – San Fran is hilly like you wouldn’t believe) to Fisherman’s Wharf. About 5 ladies tried to read our fortune. I felt bad saying no to them, to anyone. Everyone’s offering a ‘special deal’. It’s amazing how beggars here ask for a few cents or a sandwich. I’ve come across Melbourne beggars who shout at you for anything less than five dollars and look baffled if you try to offer a sandwich. It’s so similar, but at the same time so different. While we were standing at the traffic lights after dinner freezing out of our minds we got another ‘special offer’. This one we accepted though – a rickshaw ride back to the cable car! Romantic and warm. With a blanket over our legs and a rider navigating and commentating our trip back to the car it was easy to forget the icy wind sweeping across the bay.

After a day spent traipsing across the city, into surprise carnivals and penny arcades and down piers to look at barking sealions it is difficult to go to sleep.Tomorrow we go to the home of the Grateful Dead – Haight Ashbury, the worlds only pirate supply store at Valencia 826 and the Beat museum. It’s going to be a totally different scene I think. Apparently there’s some rad street art.

I can see why obesity is a problem – if I eat another piece of fried food I’ll have to give my food baby a name.

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