Thursday: Everything Left Unsaid by Jessica Davidson

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of cancer books this year? The Fault in Our Stars   (a clear winner by John Green, who’s brave enough to find laughter even in the most tear-jerking of scenarios), Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (good, you can read my full review here) and now this.
It’s a tear jerker, there’s no doubt about that. It had me going from the end of chapter one, pretty much until the end of the end and even then a little bit after.Tai and Juliet are the Australian Joey and Dawson – they’ve been friends since forever, each on harbouring a secret crush on the other but never quite game enough to come clean. When they do it’s magic, they’re destined to have the perfect relationship. Except that at exactly this moment we find out that Tai’s sick, and it’s looking pretty unlikely that he’s going to get better.
There are parts of this that I didn’t enjoy – I wanted more lightness to alleviate the relentless sadness that I felt reading it (although to be fair, the characters probably wanted something to alleviate their sadness too and we all know that life just doesn’t work that way), and the timing of Tai getting sick was almost too perfect (and of course I mean perfect in a completely awful, gut wrenching sort of way).
But then there were parts that I really loved. Tai and Juliet were great characters, and they each got a chance to tell their part of the story. I loved that they had selfish moments and moments of not being able to communicate, because even though it’s frustrating as a reader to see what they’re both thinking and to know that talking it out would help, it makes it a much realer journey to see them struggle through it on their own.
This is absolutely, unabashedly a Sad Book. But with the amount of Nicholas Sparks readers out there I’ve no doubt that people will read it, they’ll cry, but like me, they’ll find something in it that they love.

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