Friday: Black Heart by Holly Black

Happy Friday all! The last day of my week of reviews, although I had such a nice time I may well do it again soon (plus it’s brought be well up to speed with things).

I’m finishing with my most recent read and one of my favourites – Black Heart by Holly Black. Ever since I read The White Cat I’ve loved this series, which combines the Sopranos with Harry Potter and one of my all time favourite things – a con!

It’s one of the few series that I’ve actually stayed with as each book has come out (even though this one’s been sitting on my shelf for a few months now, just waiting for me to have enough down time to actually read it). Red Glove didn’t grab me quite as much as the first and now the last, but overall it’s been an incredibly strong series and a real joy to read.

Cassel Sharpe is a curse worker who has been conned by his family, by the mob and by the government. He thought he could join the good guys, but it turns out in this game there are none. Cassel is the kind of lovable misfit that you can’t help but follow into this complex maze of a story. His way is never the easy way. It’s never the safe way and it is certainly never the legal way. But what good would a story be if everything was done by the book? It’s almost as though the more Cassel tells you what a bad guy he is, the more you love him for it.

I love a good fantasy, that really works my imagination, and I love it when it’s surrounded by the gritty urban streets of reality. The Curse Workers does all that and more. It’s the kind of story that makes you realise that everything you were reading earlier was actually a bit mediocre, the kind where you don’t even notice where one chapter finishes and a new one begins because you’re too busy speeding through to the end. The kind that when you finally do reach that last page, and it’s exactly the end it should be, you’re still disappointed, but only because you know that you’re never going to have the chance to read it for the very first time ever again.

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