Review – Disharmony: The Telling

by Leah Giarratano.

When I finished this book I hopped onto Goodreads, thinking that there would be a stack of reviews up from people who had loved this as much as I did. But instead I found mostly average reviews, complaining about the pace (and a couple lamenting the fact that as a YA this was clearly never going to be as good as an adult book – don’t even get me started).

I’m disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and if it initially took a while to get going, it was because the complex set up was required to match the intricacies of the characters. Frankly I think people will enjoy this book much more than some other reviews might suggest.

At the outset of the story we’re introduced to the psychopath, the empath, the genius and The Telling – an ancient prophecy predicting the safety of the world, or the destruction. The prophecy is directly linked to the three siblings – mothered by a witch determined to bring the prophecy into reality and bend it to her own will. Bur the siblings are scattered around the world, knowing nothing of their destiny or of each other.

The chapters have alternating perspectives, following in this story, the psychopath and the empath as their destiny finds them, and they set out on a quest to find each other. I often find this way of writing frustrating, not because it suggests a poor quality, but because I’m always just catching the flow of one section, when I’m closed out and shifted to another. This method certainly keeps the momentum going, as it means a cliffhanger every few chapters – and I once heard one of my favourite authors say that they wanted every page to leave readers wanting to read the next. Disharmony certainly does that.

My only complaint are the chapters that open and close the book, and appear very occasionally in between. User:Intellicide is an unknown character to us, leading us through the story, and the tone in these chapters seems patronising, especially in contrast to the complex cleverness in the rest of the book. I’m hoping that in future books in the series we’ll find out more about this character and there will be a particular reason for the tone.

Overall though, I loved this after so many same-same fantasies I’ve read recently. It’s an original idea with the potential to turn into something intricately clever and fascinating to read.

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