Writing, reading, children.


It’s been a while. I’ve read some stuff (reviews pending). I’ve written (some). I’ve started studying (something totally new – nutrition!). Oh, and I had a baby.

That was pretty full on, and 3 months later my body still hasn’t quite forgiven me the ordeal, however being a mum is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever done. It’s broken everything I thought I could or couldn’t do, and has made me more aware of myself than I ever thought I could be.

I’ll be re-jigging the blog soon – so that there’s a space for tiny people books, for writing, for thinking, for YA stuff, and possibly some space for food thoughts. But for now I’ll just keep plugging stuff up as I write it, and if you feel like reading (or commenting) then I’d love to hear from you!

I’m back to writing a page a day – just random things, as well as devoting some daily time to the much neglected manuscript. So today’s page ‘FLASH FLOOD’.

The flood waters rose but I wasn’t there so I didn’t see them.

It was on Friday night. A storm, a crack of thunder, the steady drum of rain on the roof. I could hear the water splashing over the edges of the shitty gutters when I went to the bathroom and when I cleaned my teeth. I could see flashes of lightening from behind the blinds hanging on the pointless side windows as I lay in bed. But I didn’t see the flood. Not until the next morning anyway. First on facebook. A picture of a flooded bike path that I thought was somewhere else.

Then in person as I walked along the same bike path two days later. The water had gone. You wouldn’t know it had flooded but.

But the reeds (the ones left in the ground) were pushed in one direction. Pointing the way the waters had rushed.

But the flood markers had been ripped out and their concrete stumps pointed uselessly out of the ground.

But there was a tide line of dead grass and scum where the waters had lapped at the playground and the park.

But there were neat piles of reeds around the bases of all of the trees, and a not-so-neat pile on the bench next to the bike path.

But there was a damp overturned couch washed up onto the path.

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