Review – Haze (The Rephaim #2) – Paula Weston


When I was a kid I used to hate that part of books in a series where the author would recap the events of the previous book/s. All I wanted was to get back into a world that I loved and knew well. As someone now with more books and less time on her hands, I often wish for more of a recap, because I just don’t have the time to go back and revisit the first (or in some cases first five) books in a series. Goodness knows what on earth I’ll do when Isobelle Carmody releases the last Obernewtyn book – I’ll be rereading the series for an entire year!

So for the first few pages of Haze I felt like I was stumbling into a darkened room, looking for a light switch. It didn’t take long though, for the memories to come rushing back – reminding me how I’d loved the first book, and remembering where I’d last left Rafa, Meg, and the ballsy Gaby Winters.

Paula Weston hasn’t let the ball drop in the sequel to the hugely successful Shadows. Everything I loved from the first book – the cleverness, the mythology, and of course the romance, are all still here. The tensions between the various ‘levels’ (for want of a better word) of angels are heightened here in the sequel, and lines are blurred as the sparring sides are forced to work together in parts, but are immediately at war again in others. Gaby too is pulled in more directions, as she discovers more and more about her past, but is therefore faced with even more questions about her identity and her loyalties. And of course the tension between Gaby and Rafa, already sizzling in Shadows, is volcanic in Haze. 

These are two strong steps into what Cath Crowley calls a ‘sexy, smart and addictive’ series. From the hoardes of washed up paranormal romances, this is one that I will continue to pull from the shelves as it progresses.

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