Zac and Mia – Blog Tour

blog tour banner

You might have heard on the twitterverse that I’ll be participating in a blog tour for the 2012 Text Prize Winner ‘Zac and Mia’. I loved this book, and will be posting a review next Thursday as a part of the tour, where one lucky Australian or New Zealand reader will have the chance to win a copy of the book. Thanks Text!

You can check out AJ’s website here.

The tour kicks off next Wednesday (when the book is actually published) so if you want to follow along you’ll be able to do so at the following blogs. If you’d like to win a copy of the book, check out my review next week and I’ll be picking a commenter to sent a copy to.

Wednesday 24th – ALPHAReader

Thursday 25th – First Impressions (that’s here!)

Friday 26th – Kids’ Book Review

Saturday 27th – The Tales Compendium

Sunday 28th – Writing for Children

Monday 29th – YA Midnight Reads

Tuesday 30th – VeganYANerds

Wednesday 31st – Obsession With Books

Thursday 1st – inkcrush

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