Melbourne Writers Festival



I’m excited this year to have been invited back to MWF to chair some panels. There are so many great sessions in both the schools and general programs, so when I’m not chairing, I’ll be getting my book on at something. Hope to see you, if not at one of the following, around the festival somewhere!

Tuesday 26th August

11.15  ACMI Cinema 2 “Cover Versions”

Let’s be honest, sometimes we do judge a book by it’s cover. Tony Palmer and Bruno Herfst take us through the design process, with some insider tips on how to design your own cover.

12.30  ACMI Cinema 1 “Love In the First Degree”

Fiona Wood and Will Kostakis have successfully captured the highs and lows of love in their books Wildlife and The First Third. I chat to them about love in its many forms, why it’s so exciting to read and write about, and keeping it real.

Wednesday 27th August

11.15  ACMI The Cube “Girl’s Books/ Boy’s Books”  

In this Stella Prize supported session Kirsty Murray, Myke Bartlett and I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of why we still get fed lines like ‘books for girls’ or ‘books for boys’. Is there and should be such a thing? Bring your reading habits to the conversation.

Thursday 28th August

10.00  Deakin Edge “Changing Places”

Reading can act as a security blanket when everything around us is changing. In Jen Storer’s Crystal Bay and Ellie Marney’s Every series, the characters undergo major upheaval in their lives. How do we cope with life’s challenges through books like these?