More feedback!

People this year have been so lovely, making my visits to schools and libraries particularly enjoyable. A recent trip up to Geelong (I wish I’d had more time so I could have spent the day, as it was lovely and sunny on the drive up and the beach looked especially appealing) saw me speak to the SLAV branch up there and I received this lovely feedback via Booked Out.

In recent years our literary has been an informal drinks function and this format has proved to be very successful. In 2012 instead of having an author promote their books, our committee decided to celebrate Australia’s National Year of Reading by inviting Bec to talk about the latest trends in young adolescent fiction. Feedback from the event has again been overwhelmingly positive!

Bec was so easy to listen to and the time literally flew. She clearly demonstrated her knowledge and enthusiasm for YA literature.

It was such a lovely evening up there and even nicer to come home to something like this!

Book Week

August is the month of Book Week, and most writers or speakers on the schools circuit will know that its the busiest time of year, when you spend more time in your car staring helplessly at the map and praying you’ll arrive on time/not forget anything/not look like a total idiot in front of a room full of teenagers than writing, working or anything else.

Last year my August was fairly quiet, as I was still fairly new to the whole speaker thing. This year I’d like to think that I’ve got it down more. I’ve got a range of presentations and a little kit I take along, and I’m fairly sure that the room full of teenagers was laughing at my joke not my hair.

Anyway, this year has been quite busy with appearances, with the Penguin PD earlier in the year and other scatterings of meetings and talks throughout, and August was certainly flat out. Thanks to the schools who hosted me, I had an absolutely lovely time, and it was wonderful to hear people’s lovely feedback over at Booked Out (which I’ve reposted here in full).

My sincere thanks to all who helped in the selection and arrangements for Bec to join us on Friday for PD. I found the information about the genre of Young Adult Fiction and Reluctant Readers succinct, helpful and very relevant to the classroom issues I face in Year 10 in particular.

Further her wealth of knowledge about books to read in certain genres and as ways to understand the crossovers in Young Adult fiction was a welcome road map to an area which is developing so quickly. I left with at least two dozen titles to go away and read which could help me either advise or engage in reading discussions with students.

It is such a blessing to have not one but two PD sessions which hit the mark and leave you feeling like your time was well spent and you really are ‘Professionally Developed’ because of the experience.

Many thanks to all, including Bec for the valuable presentations on Friday.

Bronwen Auty, teacher, Padua College


Bec spoke to the Year 9 students. She was natural, speaking as though she was having a chat with a group of friends. Her talk was full of pertinent advice related to her own experiences as a reader and reviewer and the students appreciated that. Their feedback about her the next day was very positive “I thought Bec spoke really well. She included a lot of humour. Nothing she said got boring. I found myself always engaged when she spoke. She included a lot of great advice for people who are passionate about writing. ” Steph  

-Jan Wilson, librarian, St Leonards